Small Business Services

  • Are you a small business who does not employ a health and safety (and/or environment) manager? Do you need hands on help and common sense advice? Then look no further. SOG SHE Group, an independent ‘successful and well respected safety, health & environment consultancy’, can help you.
  • We can do the work for you!
  • SOG SHE Group are consultants that specialise in supporting small businesses who do not employ a dedicated SHE professional. SOG SHE Group is different in that we help you manage the introduction of a safety management system.
  • Don’t have time for Health and Safety?
  • Outsourcing your health and safety is a cost effective way to comply with legislation.
  • Managers are often baffled by the amount of legislation they need to comply with and are usually working flat out on core business tasks.
  • Our solution is that in the first place we do all the work for you. Then we show you how to do it for yourself. And we stay in touch via a Help Desk to answer any questions you have, and to tell you if and when the rules change. We pride ourselves on using a common sense approach that won’t interfere unnecessarily with your business and take financial constraints into consideration.
  • Think of us as specialist members of your management team.
  • We can provide just what you need.

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